Olive tree

There’s an old olive tree on the top of a small hill in a park just a few meters from the sea. It’s adored by many people for all kinds of different reasons. It’s a happy place for a girl, staring into its branches dancing in a strong wind. She escaped from her problems and daydreamed for hours as she was sitting on the nearest bench and just looking at it. Every time she was in the middle of her parents’ fights she closed her eyes and imagined this tree. Her favourite olive tree. She met her boyfriend by this olive tree. He used to […]


Her biggest fear was an elephant-like creature chasing her from the basement up the stairs to her home. She knew this monster only existed in her imagination but the fear was real. Every time she came home after dark, her blood pressure rose as she struggled to put her keys into the lock of the front door. Turning the lights on in the hallway helped with her anxiety but she was too afraid to look into the basement as she ran upstairs, trying to calm down her heavy breathing. Locking into her apartment gave her a calming feeling and safety was achieved. […]


Some days I just want to do exactly what makes me happy. And today is one of those days. Today is the day that I wanted to draw, paint, create collages and edit pictures. So I did that. And because of that there’s no story behind today’s illustrations. Just let your own imagination create your own unique story about foxes, listen to the song What does the fox say while you go through this post or just look through pictures and head over to some of my older posts for more reading material. Anyhow, enjoy!  


Since I wrote a post about elephants it seem appropriate to write one dedicated to the largest creatures ever to have lived on Earth. Just their tongues alone can weight as much as an elephant and their hearts weight the same as an average car. I’m talking about the blue whale. These amazing creatures are one of the loudest animals on the planet but we can’t hear them. Even though they are giant, they can reach speeds of over 30 km/h and feed on tiny shrimp like animals. We know they can feel emotions and are most closely related to […]

Deep sea creatures

Deep sea creatures are organisms that live below the photic zone of the ocean. They have to survive extremely harsh conditions – hundreds of bars of pressure, nearly any oxygen or food, no sunlight and extreme cold that never goes away. Most of them depend on eating good floating down from higher levels of sea. They live thousands of meters below the surface in a total devoid of light. The water temperature doesn’t rise above 10 degrees Celsius. Those creatures have adapted to this hostile environment and as a result they look unlike anything that we find in the upper […]


While vacationing in Thailand, we went elephant riding in a sanctuary near Bangkok. We had an extra day to spend on sightseeing and it was down to riding elephants, in what seemed to be a friendly environment for them, or seeing a snake show that looked not only painful and exploitative for snakes but also to the audience. It was a no brainer. Everything looked like they promised – elephants were walking freely, had an enormous amounts of fruit and plants to munch on and looked genuinely happy and healthy. We were riding them through the woods and pet them before […]